Three Ways To Get Rich Without Playing The Lottery

Do you play the lottery, hoping to win the main amount and use the money to support your life? With the epic $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot now a thing of the past, you don't have to give up your dreams of one day having a lot of money and a comfortable lifestyle. While not as sudden as winning the lottery, there are ways in which you can make your money multiply relatively steadily.

Flip Houses

Instead of blowing tons of money on lottery drawings each week, gather that money together for a down payment on a property in an up-and-coming area. Fix up the property and then sell it for a profit. Of course, you will have to have the right level of credit to get a mortgage, and you will have to find the right property. Financial Samurai notes that the key isn't finding that one big property to flip for a huge amount, but finding several smaller properties that you can flip for smaller profits.

Flip Domain Names

Take a look at trending news stories and buy domain names associated with the subjects. Many times, if the subject has to do with celebrities or companies, you may be able to sell the domain names for big money. You have to have a knack for spotting trends, though, so that you can get the domain names that someone will want to have for a long time, and not just for a few weeks during someone's brief window of fame. Generic domain names can work well if you find one that hasn't already been claimed.


The least troublesome way to make money without winning the lottery, though, is to invest and wait. This can be in stocks, mutual funds, index funds, or another type of investment product. While you hear stories about soaring and crashing stock values, chances are that most of the stocks you see will have ups and downs over time but in general march upward, assuming the company continues to do well. Constantly selling and buying different stocks in an attempt to gain a little more money doesn't really do much except generate more paperwork and phone calls. If you invest in stocks or other investment products, find good, steady ones and then hold them. Put your money in, add money when you can, and let the money sit and grow.

If you want to get more guidance regarding investing, talk to a financial consultant or advisor who can help you identify the investment style that best suits you. You'll be able to work out a plan that will let you reach your money-growth goals with a minimum of effort.